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Even his c razy, wild movements seemed noisy to Derek. His rapid speech and inability to stop it were another thing as well. Now was no exception. It was like Stiles made it his mission to make Derek as wound up and annoyed and ready to snap as much as possible, whether he was talking or silent, like right then, just sitting there, not a limb moving as he sat still, something that was highly unusual for the guy.

And then we can kiss all you want. But not a minute before then. Derek ground his teeth together, having to force himself not to yell anymore than he already had. Stiles was going to do him in one of these days, he sweared. Why did he have a massive crush on this kid again anyway?

Things were always complete and utter shit when I was here, too. I was a complete ass to Scott when he first turned, I was a piss poor alpha, and I was total shit at being a mentor. Everyone was better off when I left. Derek was under the impression that Stiles had never been able to stand him.

You never gave up, never stopped trying to better y ourself and keep those you cared about safe and alive. The first time you left, you could have stayed gone, but you came back because you wanted to figure out a way to help this city, help Scott. It was filled with a buzzing of electricity, a thick layer of something in the air. Derek cleared his throat and nodded. Stiles nodded as if he was still coming out of a daze, cleared his throat.

Derek smiled lightly, and then gave Stiles a quick peck on the cheek. Derek waited until Stiles was all the way inside the house before he made his shaky hand move to turn on the car. Stiles sits back in his chair smirking, sweeps his hands up behind his head and makes a considering noise. I mean, you need to really sell it to me here, Derek. Come on, make me believe.

Derek glances over at him and has to do a double-take because he is possibly the most attractive guy Derek has ever seen. Like you come here willing. Stiles grins and bites gently at his shoulder. The other bonus is that it takes a good forty minutes in the oven. Stiles can do a lot with forty minutes.

What do you want? And that was NOT what Stiles expected to hear. Is that a clothing thing or a deputy thing? Derek actually shivers, and Stiles wants to do a victory dance.

I have a very special stick just for that purpose. His compulsion to research everything into the ground comes from a need to know every. Not only that, but he has to share his new knowledge with anyone he can get to sit down long enough to listen.

Stiles most definitely did not pick up the other house line just long enough to hear some really…uncomfortable words being shared. There are some things a boy never needs to know about his father. Stiles had smiled and kissed Derek hard, had kissed him messily, in the middle of that sidewalk next to a convience store, people walking a round them, some looking at them with annoyed looks for interrupting their steady and fast walk, and others looking at them with smiles on their faces, others just looking confused.

Lydia had insisted on a big wedding, even though Stiles and Derek would have preferred a small wedding at the courthouse with just their family and closest friends. A few hours later, Stiles had dragged D erek onto the dance floor when a loud, fast paced song came on and had danced wildly while Derek stood there, arms crossed, shaking his head and refusing to join Stiles in looking ridiculous.

Of course, it was Stiles, so Derek gave in eventually, and forgot about how he had to look to the others, because all he really cared about was how Stiles looked at him. They had found an egg donor who looked as close to Derek in female form as they could, and Erica had been their surrogate.

Stiles let out a shaky laugh and turned to look at Derek, and Derek smiled and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.


Nurugel ftvgirls

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